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HR ProFile
Contact: Mark Owens
Address: 8506 Beechmont Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45255
Phone: 800-969-4300
Fax: 513-388-4320
E-mail: dickersoncs@gmail.com
Web site: http://www.hrprofile.com
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HR ProFile, an employment screening company, believes that accurate and quality employment screening, background checks and drug testing solutions are very important in a time like this.  While everyone is scrambling to save money, it is difficult sometimes to remember why you started an employment screening program in the first place. It has become more difficult for HR and Security professionals to recruit the best talent, stay ahead of regulations, and manage a hectic workload. HR ProFile remembers the complaints of having poor performers, theft issues, workplace violence, lawsuits, disgruntled employees, and other sorts of ˇ°bad applesˇ± that used to seep in to your work force, and the problems they caused. We remember the stories from our clients about the number of missed felony convictions by their former background check providers and the problems they caused.  These stories serve as a reminder why HR ProFile was started in the first place: to provide the best quality, most accurate background checks and drug tests in the country, and do so with turnaround time and cost being of the utmost concern ¨C without sacrificing our quality. 
Area of Expertise:
  • Asset investigation
  • Background investigation
  • Corporate investigation
  • Criminal investigations
  • Skip Trace
  • Public Records
  • Workers Compensation
  • Affiliations / Organizations:
  • Public Record Retriever Network
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Cincinnati Regional Chamber of Commerce
  • Region of Coverage:
    USA and international
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    2010-9-28 19:16:26
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