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Contact: RJ Patterson
Address: 14401 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma, Washington 98444
Phone: +1-253-531-2795
Fax: +1-253-210-3686
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Web site: http://cwpiinc.com
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CWPI offers investigative services, security consultation, service of legal documents (hard to locate serves only), and armed/covert courier of valuable documents and other assets. My specialties are underwater and dive accident investigations and consultations, locating the missing (i.e. deadbeat parents, missing persons, witness location), Elderly & Animal Abuse and Identity Theft. I do, however, accept and am experienced in other investigative areas.
Area of Expertise:
Dive and Scuba Accident , Missing children, Missing Persons, Elderly Abuse and Animal Cruelty Investigations
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2006-12-8 9:56:05
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